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About Dave Pritchard Auctioneering
After losing his job, Dave Sr. decided to borrow $200.00 from his parents, the late Charles and Alice Pritchard, and enrolled in Reppert’s school of Auctioneering in Decatur, Indiana. After graduating from auctioneering school, Dave Sr. served a 1-year apprenticeship with a Ross county auction firm. Dave Sr. began driving from Columbus to southern Ohio, practically every weekend for a year, with Dave Jr. not far from his side. All the while, he was only paid a total of $56.00. This is just a small example of Dave Sr.’s commitment, determination and hard work. 

Dave Sr.’s decision to choose the auction profession turned out to be one of, if not the best decisions of his life. After over 40 years and thousands of sales, Dave Pritchard Auctioneering conducts each sale and day to day operations with the same honesty, passion & determination as they did back in 1972.

Dave Pritchard Sr. & Dave Pritchard Jr. have owned and operated an extremely successful business for over 40 years. They were both selected as the Best Auctioneer in the State of Ohio (Sr.-1972 and Jr.-1988), making them the only father and son to ever accomplish this great honor.

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